Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Best Gift Dolan Can Get

Irish-American pols group skips salute to Cardinal Dolan in disagreement with church views : Nod goes from 'no-brainer' to nonstarter after some lawmakers object to Catholic positions on gay marriage and priest sex abuse, Albany group members say
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These politicians have exposed themselves as a new religion.  The Church must keep her standards because she believes them to be of divine origin.  Apparently, self-righteous Democrats in New York also think their views are of divine origin.  So much for reaching out.  So much for dialogue.  So, they have excommunicated Dolan.   

With these dogmatic Democrats trying to redefine the reality of life and marriage in law and with their false prophet forcing his tyrannical will on the Church from the White House, all Americans should shudder. 

Election day is coming, and hopefully, there are enough citizen voters who know the difference between religion and politics to know that politics should not have dogma. 

Meanwhile, Catholics should wake up too.  The Democratic Party is now a religion.  Disagree with its tennants and you receive no mercy and no consideration.

Catholic must decide to love Christ and His Church, or the agenda of depraved human beings pontificating Democratic mantras.

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