Saturday, January 2, 2010

DC Council Chairman Vincent Gray Apparently Calls "Gay Marriage" a "Gift"

A “Gift” for District Residents
Opinion / Editorial
WI Editorial Staff
Thursday, December 24, 2009

D.C. City Council Chair Vincent Gray hailed two “historic bills” signed last week as a “holiday gift” to District residents. While we agree that the signing of the same-sex marriage act and the District’s appropriation bill signed by President Barack Obama, reflect a new day for the independence of the District of Columbia and the civil rights of its residents, we believe the “gifts” District residents want and have specifically asked for also include jobs, affordable housing, health care and quality education. [The Washington Informer editors, along with Vincent Gray, are clearly dillusional. The made-up notion that man and man or woman and woman can create a marriage is the triumph of arbitrariness. "Gay marriage" is a legal fiction with no correspondence to reality.]

Marriage equality [How about polygamists? etc.] was long fought for and hard won and as difficult as it is for some District residents to accept, a recent report predicts that the bill will have a significant impact on the local economy. According to the Williams Institute, extending same-sex marriage laws has the potential to add an additional $5.4 million in additional revenue and 700 new jobs as a result of thousands of resident same-sex couples and others who will come to the District to marry in the next three years.

Gray also includes as “gifts,” the District’s ability spend its own funds and federal funding on needle exchange programs to fight the spread of HIV and AIDS; the removal of a ban on the use of federal funds for domestic partnership registration and benefits; and the elimination of language that banned the District from approving marijuana for medical treatment. [I guess Gray has been hanging around Barry too much that he's values illegal drugs!]

We join those District residents who don’t want to appear ungrateful, but we want to know, Mr. Gray, how these measures translate as a “gift” to the masses of District residents who have been hard-hit by the poor economy, including former District government employees who are victims of layoffs due to the Council’s earlier gift of expansive budget cuts? Does the “gift” create jobs, affordable housing or alternative educational opportunities? [Realize that these politicians don't care about ordinary people. They want their political prestige, hefty salaries, and name-fame so they push for misguided policies that create news but destory society.]

Like some of those who are fortunate enough to receive a gift this year, though unwanted, we can honestly say, “Thank you, Mr. Gray, for thinking about District residents this holiday season.” [Gray will think of them again when he asks them to vote for him.]

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