Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Wisdom of Servant of God John Paul I

The following are sayings of Albino Luciani, priest of Belluno (1937-1958), bishop of Vittorio Veneto (1958-1969), patriarch of Venice (1969-1978), and pope (1978).
They were remembered by his sister Antonia, and the nun Sr. Vincenza, who was Luciani's housekeeper from when he became bishop until his death.

I believe this quotes give a clue to the direction his papacy would have taken.

"I have learned the truths of the faith as a child, they have remained the same, they're always the same, they haven't changed from when I became a priest until now."

"And it is the word of God, who is immutable, that we must proclaim, not our own."

"[I]t's the Lord who guides the Church. He's always there. What has been tradition for centuries remains and comes back, always."

Stefania Falasca, "Hope Means Expecting Something Good from the Lord," 30 Days 20 no. 8 (2002): 62.

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