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Preached on Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, on Sunday, October 7, 1973 in the church of the  Santa Maria del Rosario (popularly called I Gesuati) in Venice:

What would happen if, during a meeting of Catholics, I invited the ladies and the men to show what they had in their bags or pockets? No doubt I would see a number of combs, mirrors, lipsticks, purses, lighters and other small objects more or less useful. But how many rosaries? Several years ago, I would have seen more.

In Manzoni’s house, in Milan, one can still today see his rosary hanging from his bed head: he used to say it habitually, and in his novel The Betrothed, his Lucy takes her rosary out and recites it at the most dramatic moments (chap. 20-21).

Windthorst, the German statesman, was once asked by his non-practising friends to show them his rosary. It was a setup; they had previously removed it from his left pocket. Not finding it in his left pocket, Windthorst rummaged around in that of his right and displayed his evident relief. He always had a backup rosary!

Christopher Gluck, the famous musician, during the receptions given at the Court of Vienna, used to take himself off for a few minutes so that he could say his Rosary. Blessed Contardo Ferrini, professor at the University of Pavia, when he visited his friends, would invite them to say it with him.

Saint Bernadette declared that when the Blessed Virgin appeared to her, She would always be carrying a rosary in Her arms, would ask her whether she also had one and invite her to say it with Her. The same was true for the three little shepherds, to whom the Virgin recommended the recitation of the Rosary.

Why have I begun with this string of examples? Because the Rosary is today being contested by certain people. They say: «It is an infantile prayer, superstitious and unworthy of adult Christians.» Or else: «It is a prayer that is robotic, one that ultimately comes down to a cold, monotonous and boring repetition of Ave Marias.» Or else again: «It is a custom from a bygone age. Today we can do better: reading the Bible, for example, which is to the Rosary what fine flour is to bran!»

But allow me to tell you, in this regard, my impressions as a pastor of souls.

1. First impression: The crisis of the Rosary is not the main issue. What takes precedence today is the crisis of prayer in general. People are wholly taken up by their material interests, they think very little of their souls. Noise has gradually invaded our existence. Well might Macbeth repeat: “I have murdered sleep, I have murdered silence!” For the interior life and the dulcis sermocinatio or gentle conversation with God, people have difficulty finding a free moment. What a tragedy. Donoso Cortes said: «The world is in a bad way today because there is more fighting than prayer.» Community liturgies are developing, which is certainly a great blessing, but it is not enough: we also need our personal conversation with God.

2. Second impression: When people say that we must pray like “adult Christians”, they often go too far. Personally speaking, when I talk to God and the Blessed Virgin alone, I prefer to feel like a child rather than an adult. The miter, the skullcap, the ring disappear; I send the adult off for a walk and even the bishop with all his grave and ponderous dignity, so that I might abandon myself to the spontaneous tenderness of a child with his papa and his mama. When I am with God, even if it be for a short half hour, I prefer to be what I am in reality, with all my wretchedness and any merits I might have. To feel the child I once was being reborn from the depths of my being, the child who wants to laugh, chatter, to love the Lord, who sometimes feels the need to cry so that he may obtain forgiveness – all this helps me to pray. The Rosary, a simple and easy prayer, also helps me to become a child again, and I am not ashamed of it.

3. Third impression: I have no wish to speak ill of anyone, nor should I do so, but I confess that I have often been tempted to judge such or such a person who believed they were adults simply because they pontificated or criticized from on high. I had a strong desire to say to them: «How grown up you are! But as for prayer, you are like a disillusioned and rebellious adolescent having a crisis, who has still not got over the aggressiveness of an ungrateful age!» May God forgive me for such a reckless judgment!

But I now come to other objections. Is the Rosary a prayer of repetition? Father de Foucauld said: «Love is expressed in few words, always the same and often repeated.»
I once saw a woman on a train who had put her child to sleep in the luggage nets. When the little one woke up, he saw from high up in his net his mama sitting opposite him and watching him. «Mama», he said. «My treasure!» she replied. And for a long part of the journey the dialogue between the two was the same. From above, «Mama!» And from below: «My treasure!» There was no need to say any more.

Shouldn’t the Bible be enough? Certainly it is a quid summum, but not everyone is prepared to read it, or else they do not have the time. And even for those who read it, it would be profitable at other moments, perhaps on a journey, or on the road, or at difficult times, to talk to the Blessed Virgin, if they believe that She is our Mother and our Sister. If the reading of the Bible is often only seen as nothing more than study, the mysteries of the Rosary, meditated on and savoured, are the Bible explored in depth, made spiritual sap and blood.

Is it a boring prayer? It depends. It can, on the contrary, be a prayer full of joy and elation. If one knows how, the Rosary becomes a gazing upon Mary that grows in intensity, little by little, as one says it. It can also be a ritornello springing from the heart, and which, by dint of repetition, sweetens the soul like a song.

Is the Rosary a poor prayer? So what would be a “rich prayer” then? The Rosary is a series of Paters, the prayer taught by Jesus, and of Aves, God’s salutation to the Virgin through the Angel, and of Glorias, the praise of the Holy Trinity. Would you prefer, instead of these, some profound theological reflections? Such would not suit the poor, the elderly, the humble and the simple. The Rosary expresses the faith without false complications, without evasion, without circumlocution; it helps us to abandon ourselves to God, to accept suffering with generosity. God also makes use of theologians, but, in order to distribute His graces, He uses above all the littleness of the humble and those who abandon themselves to His Will.

I have still one more remark to make to you: the family should be the first school of devotion and religious spirituality for children. The pedagogico-religious activity of parents – Paul VI recently said – is delicate, legitimate and irreplaceable. Delicate because of the climate of permissiveness and secularism all around us; legitimate because it forms part of the mission that God has entrusted to parents; irreplaceable because it is at this most tender age that one acquires the inclination and habit of religious prayer. The Rosary recited in the evening by parents and children gathered together, even if simplified or adapted, is a form of family liturgy. The writer Louis Veuillot confessed that the origin of his conversion lay in seeing the Rosary recited with faith by a Roman family.

With these convictions at heart, it was a comfort for me to learn of the initiative taken to make these ceremonies a reality. The Dominican Fathers, so zealous for the propagation of the Rosary in our city, and the Gesuati, the parish of the Rosary par excellence, suggested that I should revive this pious and great practice. With every confidence that their work will be blessed by God, I have come to this liturgy as to a joyous religious feast.

Unfortunately, this joy is gravely troubled by reports of a deadly and senseless war that broke out yesterday in the Near East. When will men cease hating each other? When will they be ready to sacrifice their petty dreams of an unstable national supremacy for the supreme and durable blessing of peace? When will we at last see an international organization equipped with real powers so that such catastrophes can be avoided in future? It is impossible at such a moment not to think, and with profound consternation, of the calamities suffered by individuals, families and entire nations, of the anguish of so many our brothers who, powerless, undergo the consequences of decisions taken by their countries’ leaders. The Near East has become a powder keg. We must pray to the Lord asking that the war – already, alas, unleashed – may not only remain limited, but may be speedily contained and halted. At the end of the Rosary it is our custom to invoke the Blessed Virgin under the title “Queen of Peace”. Let us therefore say with fervour: Regina pacis, ora pro nobis!                                    (Opera omnia, vol. 6, p. 199-202)

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Conference on Pope Venerable John Paul the First

This coming October is the centenary of the birth of Albino Luciani.

To celebrate there will be conference at the Immaculate Conception Center in Queens, New York
on October 12-13, 2012.

Among the speakers will be the Pope’s niece Pia Luciani, and the writer of the Positio for the cause for his beatification, Stefania Falasca. has more information, including a complete description of the aims of the conference, the schedule and complete list of speakers, and a registration form.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Wrongful Life: Abortion at Its Finest

The following story will nauseate any normal human being. Two parents regret they did not murder their child when it was still legal to do so.  
My heart breaks for the poor innocent little girl, and I don't mean because she has Down syndrome.    The poor little girl and her brothers have to grow up with two moral monsters as parents.

Jury awards nearly $3 million to Portland-area couple in 'wrongful birth' lawsuit against Legacy Health

Published: Friday, March 09, 2012, 1:23 PM   
A jury this afternoon awarded nearly $3 million to a Portland-area couple whose daughter was born with Down syndrome even though a prenatal test found she didn't have the chromosomal abnormality.

The jury voted 12-0, taking less than six hours before reaching a verdict in the case of Ariel and Deborah Levy vs. Legacy Health System. The decision capped a 10-day highly emotional trial in Multnomah County Circuit Court.

The couple sued Legacy Health, claiming that Deborah Levy would have aborted her pregnancy had she known her daughter had the chromosomal abnormality. The lawsuit blames Legacy's Center for Maternal-Fetal Medicine in North Portland and a Legacy lab for allegedly botching the test.

The case was one of just a handful of so-called "wrongful birth" suits estimated to be filed each year in the United States, bioethics experts say. It was one of an even rarer few to go to trial -- and garner a multi-million dollar verdict. In the process, the case stirred passionate public debate nationally and even internationally. The judge prohibited media in the courtroom from photographing or recording images of the couple, whose attorney said had received death threats.

Experts say so few parents choose to file wrongful birth suits because it forces them to take an awkward position: They must be willing to say on the record that they would have aborted the pregnancy, and that they feel a burden -- albeit financial -- of raising the child.  [Putting to rest the lie of pro-abort folk such as Obama who claim abortion is just a medical procedure.  Even moral reprobates are ashamed because they know it is legalized murder.] 

The Levys' attorney, David K. Miller, said his clients deeply love their daughter ["I love you so much, you would have been better off dead."] but worried about being portrayed as heartless. [The truth hurts.] Miller said they sued because they worried about providing all that their daughter would need over her lifetime. Experts testified that she will continue to need speech and physical therapy and face a concerning list of possible medical problems over her lifetime. Professionals have told the Levys that she will likely never be able to live independently, or earn a living.

According to several studies, 89 percent or more of expectant mothers who learned their children would have Down syndrome chose to terminate the pregnancies.


Roughly 13 weeks into her pregnancy, Deborah Levy went to Legacy's Center for Maternal-Fetal Medicine in North Portland, where Dr. Thomas Jenkins performed a prenatal test called chorionic villus sampling, or CVS for short. A Legacy lab tested a small amount of tissue that the doctor had removed from Levy's womb. The results showed the Levy's daughter had a normal chromosomal profile.

Although in the following weeks two ultrasounds showed abnormalities that sometimes indicate Down syndrome, the Levys testified they were assured that their daughter would not have the chromosomal abnormality. Legacy staff did not advise them to get an amniocentesis, which is another prenatal test that detects Down syndrome.

Within a week of their daughter's birth, they were devastated to find out that the girl, Kalanit, did indeed have Down syndrome.

The Levys contended that Dr. Thomas Jenkins removed maternal tissue -- not fetal tissue -- during the CVS procedure. The suit alleged that Jenkins and lab workers didn't recognize that the tissue was from the mother. [That's strange!  Now baby murderers admit that the fetus is a separate entity and not just a lump of the woman's tissue.  And yet the same murderer-minded fiends will stand up with signs, "My body, my choice."  Perhaps there is no point in highlighting the lack of logic on the pro-abortion side.  No one who says killing a baby is fine can bear logic or truth.]

Legacy's attorney, Robert Keating, called on experts who said the CVS was properly done, and that the results showed the girl has a normal genetic profile because she has mosiac Down syndrome, meaning a significant number of her cells don't contain an extra 21st chromosome.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Best Gift Dolan Can Get

Irish-American pols group skips salute to Cardinal Dolan in disagreement with church views : Nod goes from 'no-brainer' to nonstarter after some lawmakers object to Catholic positions on gay marriage and priest sex abuse, Albany group members say
Read more:

These politicians have exposed themselves as a new religion.  The Church must keep her standards because she believes them to be of divine origin.  Apparently, self-righteous Democrats in New York also think their views are of divine origin.  So much for reaching out.  So much for dialogue.  So, they have excommunicated Dolan.   

With these dogmatic Democrats trying to redefine the reality of life and marriage in law and with their false prophet forcing his tyrannical will on the Church from the White House, all Americans should shudder. 

Election day is coming, and hopefully, there are enough citizen voters who know the difference between religion and politics to know that politics should not have dogma. 

Meanwhile, Catholics should wake up too.  The Democratic Party is now a religion.  Disagree with its tennants and you receive no mercy and no consideration.

Catholic must decide to love Christ and His Church, or the agenda of depraved human beings pontificating Democratic mantras.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Planned Parenthood Fanatics Don't Care if Women Die of Cancer

In fact, pro-abortion fanatics don't care if women die of cancer.
Recently, Susan B. Komen has decided to redistribute its wealth to ensure that women needed breast cancer screenings are getting them. The redistribution means that money that was being given to Planned Parenthood will now given to other local orgnaizations more directly involved in cancer detection.
For all their rhetoric about helping women, one would think Planned Parenthood and pro-aborts would rejoice that more woman will be directly served.
But, as is evident, Planned Parenthood and abortion supporters only care about abortion and the money they rake in from abortions. I don't know much about Andrea Mitchell. But, from the video below I'd have a hard time believing that she is not a typical pro-abortion fanatic unwilling to listen to reason.  

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Justice" According to Obama Democrats

"Justice" means different things for an Obama Democrat.  If you support Obama, "justice" means not only that your civil rights are defended, but that you can violate the civil rights of others who are not in favor of Obama's detrimental regime. 
Hence, we see this picture of the "Occupy" rabble with their Marxist red flags invading the steps of the Supreme Court steps less than a week ago. These scoundrels are, of course, the less than 1% of the population who have invaded public spaces and completely prevented access to them by the 99% of American citizens in the name of some vague agenda which ultimately supports Obama's re-election.
(How can he not defend them!)

Notice that no barriers prevent them from being there, despite slightly veiled threats from the group of violence if they were prevented.  Other members threw smoke bomb onto White House grounds.  Of course, Obama Democrat "justice" required that no one be arrested.   There is only one police officer visible.  In the end only 4 were arrested, but only for blocking traffic.

Fast forward a couple of days to January 23 and the March for Life.

Every year, several hundred thousand peaceful protestors come to Washington to petition their representatives to defend innocent human life.  They walk by the Supreme Court where the offensive decision of 7 of 9 men was issued that invented the right of mothers to murder their unborn babies. 

Yet, Obama Democrat "justice" being a flexible concept hardly cares about the first amendment rights of pro-lifers whose views are diametrically opposed to the infanticidal Obama Democrat agenda.

Hence, we see barriers up and 4 police officers (there were many more!) to prevent pro-lifers from entry onto the Supreme Court steps. 

Apparently, Obama Democrats not only show favoritism to their own partisans, but they fear the "disorderly" conduct of praying women and parents with a baby in a stroller. 

Obama Democrats have chosen the side of partisanship and injustice.  They redefine the reality of human life, or marriage, and now justice.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Perfidy at Convent of the Sacred Heart, Manhattan, NY

Katie Couric and Lady Gaga tape prime time special "A Very Gaga Thanksgiving" at the Convent of theSacred Heart Catholic School in New York.

The Convent of the Sacred Heart is where Lady Gaga received her malformation. Now after countless blasphemous songs and public rejection of the Church teaching, she wants to go back to her alma mater. And the wealthy wretch will get what she wants thanks to those who run the school.

The Dames of the Sacred Heart once had also Manhattanville College in Purchase, NY.  However, apostate Mother Elizabeth McCormick, a true child of Judas Isacariot, cunning enough to secularize the school and get herself on the Board of Trustees before publicly rejecting her vows and God.
Even the College website avoids all mention of her being a nun and her self-serving abuse of her authority.

The Convent of the Sacred Heart remained under the sisters' control.  However, as McCormack's perfidy was not an isolated phenomenon, vocatiosn naturally declined. (Even today, there is not even a link for girls who feel called to religious life, although prominently there are links for environmental advocacy and social justice programs.) Whether faith of Catholic girls was intentionally undermined is left to divine judgment.  And their success is almost complete with Lady Gaga.  The fact that they are willing to have her back despite her hate of Chirstian morality is a testament to their own hate.

Meanwhile, it is well-known that Lady Gaga has a fierce agenda to make homosexual behavior seem normal.  If you ever wondered where she may have learned this, look no further than the Convent Sacred Heart website:

Check it again!  It does not say to value human beings who suffer from a confused sexual orientation. Girls are taught and expected to "value" differences in "sexual orientation."  This means valuing a disorder which causes many interior hardships and results in sin when acted upon.  We can only wonder if "included" in the things to "value" are a proclivity to alcoholism or an addiction to gambling. 

It should be clear by now that it is a scandal that the administrators of the school would whore themselves to allow this anti-Catholic and blasphemous alumna to use the school for a show. 

We can only hope that the Archbishop of New York will make it a priority to make inquiries and allow the school a choice: to reaffirm its Catholic identity or throw away the slightest connection it has left with Catholicism.

St. Madeleine Sophie Barat, pray for them!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Occupy DC Criminals - Out of Control!

But, the corrupt administration will likely do nothing to bring order for regular citizens.

The video below is disturbing.

In it you will see the mob mentality that prevails among the mindless foul-mouthed members of Occupy DC. Like nascent Nazis they respect no law, because they are the law and can do no wrong. They have a code of silence to hide the nefarious motives of their agenda. They show no respect to those who are not part of their cabal.
When the brave police officer facing the angry mob warns them they crossing the line, one among them mocks his authority, "You lock me up, you gotta lock us all up."
Without respect they block cars of citizens trying to go home. With no fear of reprisals from the city's mayor, they menace families with children. Filled with rage, their only glory is to terrorize and cause anarchy.
And why? Who knows! Likely these dregs of society feel powerful as a anonymous members of a group, and know that corrupt government officials will permit them to cause havoc to their hearts delight.
And the worst of all, the worst President of the United States in history supports these criminals. But, we can't blame him. Although he is a member of the 1%, they are perhaps the only fools left who think he is doing a good job and will vote for him. Perhaps they will even go after those who disagree.
Our leaders won't, so we it looks like we Americans must stand up to these villans.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pray Tell: Blasphemous Post on a Monk's Website

Recently, a friend notified me of a website Pray Tell. Since I have not been too attentive to this blog I asked him to guest write a post which I now post below.

By Bruce Tereski:

On August 2, 2011, Richard Giles posted a story titled: "Food from the Cupboard"
on Fr. Anthony Ruff's blog called Pray Tell:

The title of the post itself is utter blasphemy because the author, Richard Giles, is referring to the Blessed Sacrament.
Apparently, he attended Mass somewhere in Germany. Everything was to his liking until Communion time when the priest went to the tabernacle to retrieve the the Blessed Sacrament for distribution.

The author states:

"Could it even have been a residual desire to proclaim that the Blessed Sacrament, as objective reality, is always in itself more significant than the liturgical event which gives it birth, and in which that group of people had been called to participate that evening?

It seemed as if the assembly that night were like a group of people invited to a friend’s house for a meal, only to find that their host, after treating himself to the newly prepared food, went to the cupboard to find some leftovers for his guests.

Of course analogies will take us only so far, and yet I came away from that church feeling something was not quite right, that in this small but significant act the spirit of the reforms flowing from Vatican II had somehow been lost. When it came to the moment of sharing the great gift of God, priest and people had withdrawn to their respective domains, and were both impoverished thereby."

This man, obviously supported by Pray Tell which hosts his post, elevates subjective feelings of unity over the objective fact that Christ is really and truly present in the most Holy Eucharist. He and others received Jesus Christ, Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity and yet he claims they were "impoverished!"

I, Bruce Tereski, posted a response. I did not point out the blasphemy of the comparison as if Christ in the tabernacle is some kind of "leftover" inferior to or somehow distinct from Christ present upon the altar.

I merely asked why sentimental subjectivism and symbolism were being raised above reality. However, Pray Tell, with its dissenter agenda did not like my comment. So, as typical leftist tyrants they defined it out of existence as Stalin did to Trotsky.

However, because the blog like some mushy comment by another responding to me, part of my comment was perserved thanks to #119 (on Sunday, Aug. 7) by Julie Heath Elliott on August 5, 2011 - 11:50 pm. She wrote:

This is a reply to Bruce Tereski at #105.

He states: “Why would any Catholic elevate subjective sentimentality of ‘feeling’ united and symbolism of Host consecrated at ‘this’ Mass over the reality of Christ’s presence?”

Even a later commentator #122 by Tom Poelker on August 6, 2011 - 4:29 pm noticed the erased post. Noting Julie Heath Elliott's response, he wrote:

What is happening here? Both of these #105?
I can find no Bruce Tereski comment above this “reply” to him.

In fact, in #124 Tom Poelker on August 7, 2011 - 1:51 pm asks again:

But where is the Bruce Tereski post?

I grant that a blogger has a right to erase comments.
But, a blogger who pretends to be Catholic should neither promote blasphemy nor dissent.
My comment was erased because it challenged the blog's warped theology.

Sadly, Pray Tell has an agenda, and its agenda is not the Church's.
It continually pushes the envelope in the name of Vatican II. In the blasphemous post named above, it dares to make the analogy of the Blessed Sacrament as old food in a cupboard and the disappointment in eating leftovers. Such an analogy betrays faithlessness in Christ's Real Presence.

Jesus Christ is really and truly present in the Blessed Sacrament. The Mass is a sacrifice and act of thanksgiving only because Christ is present in the Eucharist. Moreover, it is Christ who is received as Holy Communion because only He can effect effect Communion.

I do not deny the symbolism of receiving Hosts consecrated at the same Mass. I do not deny the GIRM encourages (but does not mandate) consecrating new breads at each Mass for the faithful. However, when a so-called Catholic blog, run by a monk with an animosity against ICEL (in any case shouldn't monks be praying rather than blogging???), downplays the significance of the real presence of Christ in the Most Holy Eucharist in favor of liturgical action, then there is a serious problem.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cuomo Demands to Be Excommunicated!

...well, if power hungry leftwingers were logical that would be the case.

After backroom deals and lobbyist bribes won the governor of New York the votes needed to redefine the reality of marriage in New York in the name of "rights," the agenda driven governor wants to deny rights of conscience to the majority of New York citizens, but especially public officials.

Thus, when asked about Barker, NY's town clerk Laura Fotusky’s resignation because of her inability to cooperate with the abomination of the redefinition of marriage, Cuomo demonstrated his radical intolerance: “The law is the law; when you enforce the laws of the state, you don’t get to pick and choose….If you can’t enforce the law, then you shouldn’t be in that position.”

One shudders to think what Cuomo would have done if he was a public official in Nazi Germany! How many Jews would he have rounded up to enforce the racial laws?

Cuomo made his statement about man-made civil "law." This law, in fact, is no true law since it contradicts the natural law. But, totalitarian Cuomo thinks most of the state of New York's citizens who oppose the unnatural law redefining the reality of marriage should not have a voice or a right to avoid contaminating themselves with his agenda.

But, Cuomo's statement would have merit if the state decree actually met the standards of true law.

This brings me to my post's title.

If Cuomo truly believes what he says, then he is literally demanding that bishops and priests do their job and deny him Holy Communion as a public sinner to be reprobated. It's not exactly excommunication, but there are similarities.

It is well-known that Cuomo picks and chooses what teachings of Christ and His Church wants to uphold, for example, arguing against the the execution of violent and dangerous criminals, but protecting the murder of helpless and innocent babies in the womb. Divine law forbids murder of the innocent. Divine law forbids concubinage and adultery. Divine law forbids taking the place of God and redefining a core institution of society such as marriage. But, for Cuomo these are an integral part of his self-definition.

So, Bishop Hubbard of Albany where Cuomo works, and Archbishop Dolan of New York where Cuomo lives (Mt. Kisco), please, mutatis mutandi, heed the governors words:

“The law is the law;
when you enforce the laws of the God and the Church,
you don’t get to pick and choose….
If you can’t enforce the law, then you shouldn’t be in that position.”